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The Secret to Health May Be Forbidden – TC Randall – 071919

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Author & Independent Health Researcher T.C. Randall about his book - Forbidden Healing - which outlines the...

Mystery of the Ouija Board – Karen Dahlman – BRR CLASSIC

The quija board is discussed with an expert. Subscribe to the youtube channel - FREE - --- Support this podcast:

Ancient Shamanic Texts – Selene Calloni Williams – 061120

Shaman Selene Calloni Williams discusses shamanic ideas and ancient shamanic texts that have foretold of many of the challenges we are facing currently. Books at...

9/11 World Trade Center Conspiracy – Eddie Current – 022019

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Eddie Current about the conspiracy theories surrounding the collapse of the Twin Towers, and 7 Word Trade...

The Legacy of Star Trek – Marc Cushman & Vic Mignogna – 010920

The original Star Trek series may have only lasted 3 seasons, but its effect on pop culture, science, television & entertainment is virtually unmatched....

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