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Synchronicities – Stephanie McGill – 052320

Stephanie McGill shares the very personal story of her husband's heart transplant and the synchronicities that have surrounded it. Books - Host - --- Support...

Random Past Shows

The Search for Intelligent ET Life – Seth Shostak – 031620

SETI Astronomer Seth Shostak discusses the search for signals from space that may indicate an intelligent origin. Seth's books - Host - JV Johnson --- Support...

Forbidden Healing – Capt. TC Randall – 012920

Capt. TC Randall discusses his years of alternative health research in which he has determined there are some very simple ways to greatly improve...

Contacting the Departed – Erica Marks – 120519

JV Johnson talks to Psychic/Medium Erica Marks about her work & sensitivities. Erica takes calls & does readings for listeners. 12/5/2019 - Beyond Reality...

Jesse James & Lost Treasure – Daniel Duke – 070919

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author & Jesse James descendant Daniel Duke about his work in determining the true fate of the...

Scotty Roberts – the Nephilim, ancient texts, & Halloween – 100918

Bruce Markusen fills in for Jason Hawes & JV Johnson to talk with Scotty Roberts about the Nephilim and Biblical references regarding their existance....

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