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06  Dec  2017 Dream interpretation - unlocking the secrets of our dreams. Download
05  Dec  2017 Nick Gross & Katrina Weidman of Paranormal Lockdown Download
01  Dec  2017 The secrets of a medium and communication with the deceased Download
30  Nov  2017 Bigfoot is the subject of a new feature film. What are the realities vs the fiction of the elusive creature? Download
29  Nov  2017 Haunted Northwest Arkansas and other gulf coast haunts Download
28  Nov  2017 Occult Detectives - who are they and what do they do? Download
21  Nov  2017 A soul's journey after suicide. Download
17  Nov  2017 New techniques & technologies shed new light on ghost hunting Download
16  Nov  2017 A fascinating near death experience turns into a new mission in life. Download
15  Nov  2017 The treasure map to success in your life. Download
14  Nov  2017 After-death communication - is it possible and how can it help us? Download
10  Nov  2017 Contacting ghosts & spirits and trying to understand their psyche. Download
09  Nov  2017 The Mandela Effect - what are our realities? Download
08  Nov  2017 Science is proving that the afterlife exists... Download
07  Nov  2017 Shadow people and the hat man. What and who are they and why are more and more people seeing them? Download
06  Nov  2017 Witches & witchcraft from someone who has been practicing for years. Download
02  Nov  2017 Lee Harvey Oswald's former girlfriend opens up about new revelations in the JFK assassination conspiracy Download
01  Nov  2017 The history of Halloween and other fun. Download
31  Oct  2017 The must-hear discussion about B-movies and what to watch for Halloween Download
26  Oct  2017 Can new scientific discoveries finally explain or prove the existence of ghosts? Download
26  Oct  2017 What does it mean to be wiccan and how can that affect your life? Download
24  Oct  2017 The magic of "Old Style Conjure" Download
21  Oct  2017 Communicating with the dead using the "Ghost Box" Download
20  Oct  2017 Psychic/Medium Matt Fraser talks about the "other side" Download
18  Oct  2017 Paranormal investigations and exorcisms - do they go hand-in-hand? Download
13  Oct  2017 A special Halloween treat for zombie fans and a discussion about the latest in the hunt for UFOs Download
12  Oct  2017 Eerie Florida - what mysteries inhabit the sunshine state? Download
05  Oct  2017 A Christmas Story, Bigfoot Juice & Back to the Future - what a show! Download
05  Oct  2017 The man behind Destination Truth & Expedition Unknown - Josh Gates Download
03  Oct  2017 Communicating with horses and other animals - what can they teach us? Download
30  Sep  2017 The mystery of the alien messages appearing in the NASA satellite photo... Download
28  Sep  2017 MUFON & UFOs - what's the latest in the search for alien spacecraft visiting earth? Download
27  Sep  2017 Spirit travel and communication - what does it teach us? Download
22  Sep  2017 Spirit communication and what it can teach us Download
21  Sep  2017 What is your "intuition" and how can you use it to better your life? Download
20  Sep  2017 A psychic talks about exorcisms, and the incredible journey of growing up psychic Download
19  Sep  2017 The hauntings of St Albans Sanitarium. Download
14  Sep  2017 The true story of a wrongfully executed man who was convicted of murdering and raping an elderly nun. Download
13  Sep  2017 The conjunction of podcasting & the paranormal Download
12  Sep  2017 Wiccan, pagan, witch, warlock - what's the difference? Download
08  Sep  2017 The mysteries of the Reptoids living among us, below us and around us Download
07  Sep  2017 The Maitreya is coming. Who is he and what will he say to us when he arrives? Download
07  Sep  2017 The Beatles & Elvis Presley - the pop culture of it all Download
01  Sep  2017 Writing for horror and the haunts of Kansas City Download
31  Aug  2017 Is your home killing you? How can you make your home a healing environment? Download
30  Aug  2017 What does this psychic say about you? Download
29  Aug  2017 All things horror... Download
25  Aug  2017 One of the most gruesome slayings of the 19th century serves as an inspiration for a modern story... Download
24  Aug  2017 The ghosts and mysteries of rock & roll Download
23  Aug  2017 An astrologer talks about the "27 Club", the eclipse, and much more... Download
22  Aug  2017 Psychic/Medium/Metaphysician/Astrologer Sloan Bella on this day of the Great American Eclipse Download
18  Aug  2017 Can science or the scientific method prove or disprove a haunting? Download
17  Aug  2017 The cover-up of the incident in Roswell, NM. Download
16  Aug  2017 Hypnosis & hypnotherapy - are these more than just parlor tricks and are they legitimate forms of treatment? Download
15  Aug  2017 Bigfoot, vampires, and more! Where is the line between fact and legend? Download
11  Aug  2017 It's all about UFOs! Download
09  Aug  2017 The Compassionate Clairvoyant takes calls and does readings for listeners Download
08  Aug  2017 The mysteries and paranormal connections to some of Hollywood's best known unsolved murders, or suspicious deaths. Download
07  Aug  2017 Gardnerian Witchcraft as explained by a High Priestess Download
03  Aug  2017 An in-depth look at UFOs and the theories surrounding their presence Download
02  Aug  2017 Psychic readings and discussions with callers on the 1-year anniversary of Beyond Reality Radio Download
01  Aug  2017 Who or what is Ramtha and how does he/it affect our lives? Download
28  Jul  2017 The information your "numbers" can tell you abut yourself, your life, your love-life, and so much more. Download
27  Jul  2017 Everything that you wanted to know about everything....except what you think you already know Download
21  Jul  2017 The haunts of the Ashmore Estates and other active locations Download
20  Jul  2017 The potions & elixirs of witchcraft - are the ingredients simply hallucinogenic or are there magical properties? Download
19  Jul  2017 Revelations about the Roswell incident and more compelling evidence that aliens are visiting our planet Download
18  Jul  2017 Remembering George Romero, and discussions about the cryptids roaming the woods in New York state and New England Download
14  Jul  2017 Exorcisms and the secret years of Jesus Download
13  Jul  2017 Empaths - is being an empath a blessing or a curse or a little of both? Download
12  Jul  2017 Is there a pattern to UFO sightings around the USA? And if so, what does it mean? Download
11  Jul  2017 ONe of the most paranormally active homes on record & creepy true-life stories that are guaranteed to send chills down your spoine Download
07  Jul  2017 Numerology - how do the letters of your name, and the numbers in your birthday determine who you will be? Download
06  Jul  2017 Dream interpretation, spiritual healing, and the seer realm. Download
30  Jun  2017 America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes, as discussed by his great-great-grandson. Download
29  Jun  2017 The solar eclipse of 8/21/17 is known as the "Great American Solar Eclsipe" - why? And is the first time we've seen such a phenomenon? Download
28  Jun  2017 The mysteries of Loch Ness and the quest for the "monster" Download
27  Jun  2017 The secrets of raising children in a happy, stress-free environment Download
23  Jun  2017 The mysteries of ancient Egypt and the infamous old west bank robbery that may or may not have been an inside job Download
22  Jun  2017 Spirit communication and a near death experience offer a path to enlightenment and spirituality. Download
21  Jun  2017 UFOs; Hollow moon theory; Time travel and much more! Download
20  Jun  2017 One of the nation's most respected psychics and the stories she has to tell... Download
07  Jun  2017 What do our dreams really mean? Download
01  Jun  2017 Ghost Hunting with Steve Gonzalves Download
31  May  2017 What are crop circles telling us? Download
26  May  2017 A psychic's journey Download
26  May  2017 What do physicians hear from their patients who experience miraculous things? Download
24  May  2017 The most anticipated horror movie in year - Death House & a unique look at the state of the paranormal community Download
23  May  2017 The spiritual warrior vs evil in the world - are we about to see major change? Download
19  May  2017 New information about the JFK assassination & dream interpretation Download
18  May  2017 Who was the Sundance Kid? Was this western outlaw who traveled with the infamous Butch Cassidy & the Wild Bunch the person we've thought for 100 years, or does new information point to someone completely different? Download
17  May  2017 Dreams - what do they mean, and how can they guide us in our lives? Download
16  May  2017 Angels and deceased loved ones guide us and help us through our lives according to one author. How do they do this and how do we know? Download
12  May  2017 Near death experiences are some of the most mysterious parts of the circle of life. Are they spiritual, imagined, or something else completely? Download
11  May  2017 Releasing your inner witch. Being a witch and practicing witchcraft is not the necessarily the dark practices that history and legends tell us - at least not according to tonight's guest. Download
10  May  2017 America's Stonehenge - who built this pre-historic site and what was its purpose? It resembles other sites around the world, but what is the connection? Download
09  May  2017 the Real "X-files Man" - A former FBI Special Agent discusses his work investigating the paranormal - including many alien abduction cases, and other strange occurrences. Download
07  May  2017 Did the government intentionally hide its knowledge of cancer-causing vaccinations? And, did that effort involve the conspiracy to assassinate JFK? Download
03  May  2017 Area 51, Operation Paperclip, the Pentagon's secret research group, and the US Government's secret experiments with ESP & psychokinesis - what is the truth behind these programs and what are the results...? Download
02  May  2017 The mysterious words that people say when they're on their deathbed. DO they have meaning, or are they nonsensical? Download
28  Apr  2017 Bigfoot & cryptids - the elusive creatures that are roaming the woods of America. Download
27  Apr  2017 The most famous time traveler in the world. Learn about the mysteries of time travel from someone who has and continues to practice the craft using alien technology. Download
26  Apr  2017 The mysteries of a psychic/medium. How does a person with these gifts use them to help people, and what can they discover through their communications with the other side? Download
25  Apr  2017 The most haunted spot in Savannah - The Sorrel-Weed House plus other stories from a paranormal jewel of the south. Download
20  Apr  2017 Fairies, pookas, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night Download
19  Apr  2017 Paranormal Investigating - the nitty gritty about ghost hunting and the search for answers Download
18  Apr  2017 Planet X - could this be the source of devastation and destruction as prophesied in the Bible and in so many other sources? Download
14  Apr  2017 The Lost City of the Monkey God - a 500 year old legend that becomes more reality than anyone thought was possible. Download
13  Apr  2017 Buffy the Vampire Slayers meets Veronica Mars and what do you get? The Sunshine Girls series of YouTube videos and books... Download
12  Apr  2017 The most amazing facts you'll ever hear with special guest Dr. Knowledge Download
11  Apr  2017 Astrology - what are the messages hidden in the heavenly bodies, and how do you read them? Download
07  Apr  2017 Who are those people that are seen when someone is near death? What happens to us when we die? Download
06  Apr  2017 Animal Communication - How to do it and why it's important Download


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