Released Episode
13  Sep  2018 Author Sara Clancy talks about the black-eyed children Download
12  Sep  2018 Dr Raymond Moody discusses the afterlife and the Final Words Project Download
11  Sep  2018 Jim Barfield discusses the mysterious Copper Scroll Download
07  Sep  2018 Psychic Rebecca Foster does readings for listeners Download
06  Sep  2018 Dr Bruce Solheim discusses his 34 paranormal encounters Download
31  Aug  2018 Michael Brein is the Travel Psychologist Download
31  Aug  2018 DB Moffatt discusses fate and accident of birth Download
29  Aug  2018 ML Behrman talks about mysteries of the Mojave Download
28  Aug  2018 Douglas Cottrell discusses his work as a clairvoyant and spiritual healer Download
24  Aug  2018 Steve Asher discusses haunted locations in Kentucky Download
23  Aug  2018 David Race discusses his blend of comedy & the paranormal > Then John Kuykendall talks about his research into bigfoot Download
22  Aug  2018 Peter Levenda discusses his work based on HP Lovecraft & what happened to Hitler after the war Download
22  Aug  2018 Rod Pyle discusses the new age of space exploration Download
17  Aug  2018 Tito Abao discusses his experience with reincarnation Download
16  Aug  2018 Mark Stavish discusses egregores - the occult entities that watch over human destiny Download
16  Aug  2018 Dr Ken Hanson discusses the Dead Sea Scrolls Download
10  Aug  2018 Joshua P Warren discusses the Bermuda Triangle and time warps Download
09  Aug  2018 Animal communicator Crystal Reed Download
08  Aug  2018 Charles Reichblum talks about fascinating facts Download
07  Aug  2018 Bruce Solheim discusses his 34 paranormal experiences. Terry Lovelace continues outlining his encounters with aliens. Download
03  Aug  2018 Psychic Medium Rebecca Foster Download
03  Aug  2018 JR Freeman discusses his experiences in the otherworld Download
31  Jul  2018 Nomar Slevik discusses his resarch on UFO sightings & abductions Download
30  Jul  2018 Dr Dawson Church discusses mind to matter Download
26  Jul  2018 Douglas Cottrell discusses spiritual healing & clairvoyance, and RIck Hayes talks about his work as a psychic medium Download
25  Jul  2018 Michael Mayes talks about cryptids including the shadow cats Download
24  Jul  2018 Dr Stephen Flowers discusses the Fraternitas Saturni of the Brotherhood of Saturn Download
19  Jul  2018 Jennifer Longmore discusses soul purpose & past life regression Download
19  Jul  2018 Bernie Taylor discusses the origin of humans Download
17  Jul  2018 Investigative reporter Jeremy Finley Download
14  Jul  2018 Psychic readings with Rebecca Foster & Matthew Ryan - gamma wave healing Download
13  Jul  2018 Tiamat Medusa discusses her body modifications to become the "Dragon Lady" & Tolly Burkan explores overcoming challenges as the founder of the firewalking movement Download
11  Jul  2018 Bill Birnes discusses UFOs, Edison v Tesla and more Download
11  Jul  2018 Father James Cloud - Bishop/Exorcist Download
30  Jun  2018 Film maker Paul Taitt discusses his paranormal documentaries Download
29  Jun  2018 Guy McCort talks about the House of Hell; Jamie Bartlett and how tech is killing democracy Download
28  Jun  2018 Dream interpreter Cindy McGill Download
27  Jun  2018 Dwight & Rhonda Hull & Dan Baldwin talk about spirits of the old southwest Download
25  Jun  2018 The Ghost Doctor, Rick Wagner talks about the spirits that surround us Download
22  Jun  2018 Ripperologist Michael Hawley talks about theories in the 130-year old Jack the Ripper case Download
21  Jun  2018 BRR psychic experiment & Ashley Farmer from Horrorchicks Download
20  Jun  2018 Dr Richard Boylan discusses Star Visitors and Star Nations Download
08  Jun  2018 Readings with Rebecca Foster & daughter of George Carlin - Kelly Carlin Download
08  Jun  2018 Blanche Barton from the Church of Satan Download
06  Jun  2018 Rock legend Dee Snider & Author Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Download
06  Jun  2018 James DiEugenio discusses the latest information on the JFK assassination Download
01  Jun  2018 Terry Lovelace discusses the UFOs incidents that have defined his life Download
31  May  2018 Laurie McDonald discusses alien abductions and hypnotherapy Download
31  May  2018 Kala Ambrose discusses was to empower your spirit. Download
27  May  2018 James Olson discusses the benefits of whole brain thinking Download
24  May  2018 Kelly Sullivan Walden talks about the meaning of dreams, and specifically the ones about our love lives. Download
23  May  2018 Extraterrestrial Ambassador Judy Carroll Download
23  May  2018 Rob Gutro discusses life as a medium Download
19  May  2018 Gary Williams talks about psychics, mediums and more Download
17  May  2018 Dr. Clare Johnson discusses lucid dreaming Download
17  May  2018 Sandra Mendelson talks about animal communication Download
15  May  2018 Kevin Randle discusses the Socorro UFO landing and other UFO events Download
11  May  2018 Colleen Mauro discusses intuition & spiritual telepathy Download
11  May  2018 Leo Ashcraft discusses his time with Art Bell & Thomas Hewlett discusses vampires and alcoholism Download
10  May  2018 Animal communicator Candi Cane Cooper Download
09  May  2018 JD Peterson discusses reincarnation Download
03  May  2018 Isabella Price discusses awakening the divine feminine Download
02  May  2018 Fiona Horne - The Naked Witch Download
01  May  2018 The Military Medium - Dean McMurray discusses mediumship and being psychic Download
27  Apr  2018 Dr J discusses UFOs and his time working with Art Bell and Dr Mis delivers an inspirational message Download
26  Apr  2018 Gordon Keirle-Smith discusses past life memories in children Download
25  Apr  2018 John Eagan discusses his experiences with demons Download
24  Apr  2018 Film maker Joe Lujan discusses his work Download
20  Apr  2018 Alan Wright discusses astral projection and Keith Linder talks about his experience in the Bothell Hell House Download
19  Apr  2018 Linda Godrey discusses Dogman & other upright canines Download
18  Apr  2018 Evidentiary Psychic/Medium Carolyn Clapper Download
17  Apr  2018 Douglas Stearns talks about the Great Pyramid of Giza and its resonant tuning Download
12  Apr  2018 Dr. Laurie Nadell discusses the sixth sense & dealing with catastrophic loss Download
11  Apr  2018 Michael Gellert discusses Jung & the evolution of God Download
05  Apr  2018 Gare Allen discusses living in a haunted house since 1999 Download
05  Apr  2018 Chase Kloetzke discusses MUFON and the latest in the search for UFOs Download
04  Apr  2018 Jason Hanson discusses personal safety and survival techniques Download
30  Mar  2018 Dr Bill Schutt discusses cannibalism in the animal world and among humans Download
30  Mar  2018 Robert Kopecky discusses his 3 near death experiences Download
29  Mar  2018 June Lundgren discusses her experiences as a demon seer Download
27  Mar  2018 Rebecca Foster - Spiritual Medium discuss her gifts Download
24  Mar  2018 Ronald Murphy discusses the world of cryptozoology & zooforms Download
23  Mar  2018 Jody Dean & Craig Nehring discuss contacting spirits, and hunting for ghosts Download
21  Mar  2018 Film maker Adam Green & Psyhic/Medium Debra Houseman Download
21  Mar  2018 Barry Eaton - Psychic, Medium, Astrologer discusses his work with the afterlife Download
16  Mar  2018 Robbie Thomas discusses his work as a Psychic Criminal Profiler Download
15  Mar  2018 Keith Komos discusses the unsolved case of the East Area Rapist Download
14  Mar  2018 L Sydney Fisher discusses her latest book based on a true crime with a paranormal twist Download
14  Mar  2018 Joshua P Warren discusses all things paranormal Download
07  Mar  2018 Nick Redfern discusses the Slenderman Download
07  Mar  2018 Frank Joseph discusses ancient and modern mysteries and "Power Places" Download
01  Mar  2018 Psychic Michael Bodine discusses his life of being a sensitive Download
28  Feb  2018 Animal Communicator Jocelyn Kessler discusses her experiences with the animal world Download
22  Feb  2018 Dr Susan Shumsky discusses Maharishi, transcendental meditation & The Beatles Download
21  Feb  2018 Judas Lynch discusses "Spirit theater" and Nate Raterman talks about the Museum of Shadows Download
16  Feb  2018 BRR - 021618 - Ron Morehead - podcast edit_mixdown Download
15  Feb  2018 The SquatchHers talk about their Bigfoot searching experiences and Scott Harris discusses building health-friendly homes Download
14  Feb  2018 Scott Wolter discusses the Kensington Rune Stone Download
13  Feb  2018 Reed Summers discusses the New Message and its implications Download
09  Feb  2018 Embrosewyn Tazkuvel - psychic and spiritual author discusses his UFO encounters, energy vortexes and dimensional doorways Download
08  Feb  2018 Psychic/Clairvoyant Angela Thomas discusses 2018 predictions, the state of the psychic community and does readings for listeners Download
07  Feb  2018 Animal Communicator Karen Anderson discusses our pets Download
06  Feb  2018 Rod Pyle talks about the most recent innovations in our quest for inter-planetary travel Download
02  Feb  2018 BRR - 020218 - William Jevning talks about his 45 years as a Bigfoot explorer Download
01  Feb  2018 Troy Taylor discusses the history of the paranormal in America Download
31  Jan  2018 Mystic Deirdre Hade discusses the inner light of your soul Download
27  Jan  2018 Psychic/Medium Sloan Bella shares her gifts. Download
25  Jan  2018 Kevin Malek talks about the paranormal and his investigations in Northern Wisconsin Download
24  Jan  2018 Steve Alten discusses the inspiration of government secrecy that inspired his book Undisclosed Download
23  Jan  2018 Douglas Stearns discusses the Great Pyramid and resonance Download
19  Jan  2018 Stephen Erkintalo discusses his new paranormal show Haunted Tours Download
18  Jan  2018 Ira Israel and the difficulties of being an adult after we have been a child Download
17  Jan  2018 Douglas Robinson talks of his visions of "vampyric persons" Download
16  Jan  2018 Dr. Michael Lennox discusses dreams - their meanings, and their origins Download
16  Jan  2018 Maurice Cotterell discusses forbidden science of the 21st century Download
11  Jan  2018 Dr. Carol Obsorne talks about the psychic abilities of pets Download
10  Jan  2018 Psychic Vincent Genna offers predictions for 2018 Download
09  Jan  2018 Dina Rae and a look at conspiracies Download
06  Jan  2018 Dean Warsing discusses paranormal investigating and the phenomenon of EVPs Download
04  Jan  2018 Tristan Donovan - the history of board games Download
03  Jan  2018 Stacy Brown - Bigfoot researcher Download
22  Dec  2017 Did the ancient cultures have technology that rivaled our own? Did we lose some of our most important scientific breakthroughs to history? Download
21  Dec  2017 The mysteries of unsolved ciphers and codes - what secrets can they reveal? Download
20  Dec  2017 The most haunted hotel in America... Download
20  Dec  2017 The world of creepy and scary Christmas legends does not end with the Krampus... Download
19  Dec  2017 It's the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, WV - the event the ended the reign of the Mothman in that area. Download
19  Dec  2017 The mysteries and hauntings of Georgia's military bases Download
13  Dec  2017 Haunting the paranormal - aggressive style. Plus a continuation of the psychic experiment. Download
12  Dec  2017 The threat of A.I. to the human existence. Download
12  Dec  2017 The basics of paranormal investigating. Download
06  Dec  2017 Dream interpretation - unlocking the secrets of our dreams. Download
05  Dec  2017 Nick Groff & Katrina Weidman of Paranormal Lockdown Download
01  Dec  2017 The secrets of a medium and communication with the deceased Download
30  Nov  2017 Bigfoot is the subject of a new feature film. What are the realities vs the fiction of the elusive creature? Download
29  Nov  2017 Haunted Northwest Arkansas and other gulf coast haunts Download
28  Nov  2017 Occult Detectives - who are they and what do they do? Download
21  Nov  2017 A soul's journey after suicide. Download
17  Nov  2017 New techniques & technologies shed new light on ghost hunting Download
16  Nov  2017 A fascinating near death experience turns into a new mission in life. Download
15  Nov  2017 The treasure map to success in your life. Download
14  Nov  2017 After-death communication - is it possible and how can it help us? Download
10  Nov  2017 Contacting ghosts & spirits and trying to understand their psyche. Download
09  Nov  2017 The Mandela Effect - what are our realities? Download
08  Nov  2017 Science is proving that the afterlife exists... Download
07  Nov  2017 Shadow people and the hat man. What and who are they and why are more and more people seeing them? Download
06  Nov  2017 Witches & witchcraft from someone who has been practicing for years. Download
02  Nov  2017 Lee Harvey Oswald's former girlfriend opens up about new revelations in the JFK assassination conspiracy Download
01  Nov  2017 The history of Halloween and other fun. Download
31  Oct  2017 The must-hear discussion about B-movies and what to watch for Halloween Download
26  Oct  2017 Can new scientific discoveries finally explain or prove the existence of ghosts? Download
26  Oct  2017 What does it mean to be wiccan and how can that affect your life? Download
24  Oct  2017 The magic of "Old Style Conjure" Download
21  Oct  2017 Communicating with the dead using the "Ghost Box" Download
20  Oct  2017 Psychic/Medium Matt Fraser talks about the "other side" Download
18  Oct  2017 Paranormal investigations and exorcisms - do they go hand-in-hand? Download
13  Oct  2017 A special Halloween treat for zombie fans and a discussion about the latest in the hunt for UFOs Download
12  Oct  2017 Eerie Florida - what mysteries inhabit the sunshine state? Download
05  Oct  2017 A Christmas Story, Bigfoot Juice & Back to the Future - what a show! Download

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