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Monday 5/22: Chet and Kim Brackett

Chet and Kim are fourth generation ranchers in the Three Creeks area of southern Idaho. Chet’s great uncle’s father was Tap Duncan, a rancher and bank robber who participated in the Winnemucca bank robbery of 1900, one of Nevada’s most famous robberies that everyone pinned it to Butch Cassidy. Chet and Kim will be discussing old west deathbed confessions from old journals of Chet’ great uncle, family lore and their extensive research.


Tuesday 5/23: Kerry Ross Boren and Lisa Lee Boren

Kerry is known for numerous documentaries, including several with Robert Redford, for his TV and radio appearances and as the author of 12 books including “Butch Cassidy – The Untold Story.” He specializes in European, medieval, renaissance, ancient history and western lore. Lisa is an outstanding researcher that joined Kerry with his writing and publication efforts in 1986. They will be discussing Butch Cassidy and the wild bunch.

Wednesday 5/24: Jim Byers

A psychometry experience inspired Jim to finish his grandfather’s incomplete WWII journal. Jim’s grandfather began to document his war experiences but died in 1958 from polio. Jim took the time and did the research to complete the story and while writing the book, he believes he received guidance from his grandfather. Years later, he realized his psychic medium abilities were real and currently offers readings. | | |@psychicmediumpa

Thursday 5/25: Dr. Scott Kolbaba

Dr. Kolbaba is an internist in private practice in Wheaton, Illinois. After a miraculous experience where he was given divine knowledge, that ultimately saved the patient’s life, Kolbaba became intrigued by unexplained phenomenon many doctors see. He will be discussing his book “Physicians’ Untold Stories,” which describes miraculous experiences that doctors can’t explain scientifically, including near death experiences, apparitions, dreams, foretelling future events, divine intervention and fasting. |



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