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Monday 10/15: David Howard Thorton

David Howard Thornton is an actor best-known for his role as Art the Clown inTerrifier. The Alabama native also played Grandpa Who in Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical. Thornton currently resides in New York City while still working in film, television, and as a voice over actor.



David Mack

David Mack is a New York Times bestselling author. We will be discussing his original fantasy and secret history novel series, Dark Arts. The award-winning author’s series includes Dark Arts, The Iron Codex (Jan. 15th), and The Shadow Commission(editing). He is also known for his writing of the Star Trek novels.

DavidMack.pro | Facebook.com/TheDavidMack



Tuesday 10/16: David Elkington

David Elkington is a British scientist and author. We will discuss The Jordan Lead Codices which consists of a series of essays submitted by scholars. It was published in May of 2014 and covers the analysis of the metal and its origins.



Wednesday 10/17: Ivo Dominguez Jr

Ivo Dominguez Jr is a Wiccan Elder and author. We will discuss The Season of Spirits: Halloween and more. He has been teaching since 1982 and continues to be a visionary, and practitioner of esoteric disciplines.

Ivodominguezjr.com |@IvoDominguezJr



Thursday 10/18:

Lon Milo DuQuette ​​
Author and Magician – We will be discussing his new book: Son of Chicken Qabalah


and 2nd Hour

Nathan Rich

Nathan Rich is an author and previously held the title of Chief Technology Officer as a Scientologist. He will discuss his views on past lives, his mother communicating with pets, his near death experience, as well as UFOs. We will also find out more details on his book.

Nathanrich.online | Facebook.com/facenathanrich

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