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Monday 8/13: Dr. Ken Hanson

Dr. Ken Hanson is a professor at the University of Central Florida teaching Judaic Studies. He will discuss the secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Mysterious Copper Scroll, The “Visionaries”: Paranormal Experiences of Ancient Priestly Class, and more. Hanson is a scholar of Hebrew language and literature, the history of biblical lands, and Jewish and early Christian culture.

Treasuresintime.org | Facebook.com/Kenneth.hanson | @DrKenHanson


Tuesday 8/14:
Jerry Willis




Wednesday 8/15: Mark Stavish

Author Mark Stavish will discuss his new book, Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny. He is the director of studies for the Institute for Hermetic Studies which offers information for the study and practice of Traditional Western Esotericism. Their widening influence now offers classes, seminars, and workshops.




Thursday 8/16: Tito Abao

Tito Abao is a reincarnation specialist. He will talk all about his new book, The Monograph of the Parallel Life, which describes his personal reincarnation experiences and training. Abao was first introduced to spiritual work in the ‘60’s and now continues to service his work as a Life Orientation Guide to others.

Theoasis888.com | Facebook.com/TitoAbao

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