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Tuesday 5/22: Judy Carroll

Judy Carroll is an Extraterrestrial ambassador who will discuss her contact on Earth from ET’s perspective. She will go into detail on the disinformation campaign to cause fear and will go over her book, Extraterrestrial Presence of Earth: A Lesson in History.




Wednesday 5/23: Kelly Sullivan Walden

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a well-known dream expert, author, inspirational speaker, and television personality. She is the founder of Dream-Life Coach Training and The Dream Project. We will discuss what dreams are telling you about your love life and more.




Thursday 5/24: James Olson

James Olson is an integral philosopher and author. We will discuss his book, How Whole Brain Thinking Can Save The Future. It reveals how we can achieve peace within ourselves, with others, and beyond.  Olson will go into detail on several topics to help us receive a better understanding behind the nature of consciousness.

thewholebrainpath.com | Facebook.com/JamesOlsonAuthor | @JamesOlson24

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