Upcoming BRR Guests

           MONDAY –

  •  HOUR 1 – Frank Joseph -​​ A discussion on Oak Island
  • HOUR 2 – Brian Clune (Clue-n) -​​ Historian-Planet Paranormal – A discussion on his Haunted Universal Studios-Book 

    TUESDAY – Rodney Ascher​​ – a filmmaker whose feature debut, the ‘subjective documentary’ ROOM 237 (IFC) looked at Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining through the eyes of five very different people, each obsessed with solving its countless mysteries. Our discussion tonight will be on Room 237.


    WEDNESDAY – Gary Michael Vasey (Vazeee)​​ – Author – Black-eyed kids and other paranormal phenomena

    THURSDAY – Justin Elledge (L-Edge)​​ – Medical Intuitive- The Human MRI – Medical Intuition and its application to modern health challenges and new discoveries and practices for enhancing clarity of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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