All Things Paranormal (Part A) – Christian MacLeod – 052820

Paranormal Detective Christian MacLeod relates his many paranormal experiences and ideas. This interview is divided into 2 podcasts - this is part A. --- Support this podcast:

The Power Within Us – Kim Stanwood Terranova – 052720

Kim Stanwood Terranova discusses her book - The Technology of Intention - and the positive outcomes that can result from discovering the power within ourselves.  Book - Host - ---...

The Dilemma of Bigfoot – Christian MacLeod – 052620

Christian MacLeod examines the realities and evidence that support the theory of a "flesh and blood" Bigfoot creature living deep in the American wilderness. Books - Host - --- Support...

The Ghost Doctor – Rick Wagner – BRR CLASSIC

An interesting perspective on the ghost phenomenon with Rick Wagner. --- Support this podcast:

Synchronicities – Stephanie McGill – 052320

Stephanie McGill shares the very personal story of her husband's heart transplant and the synchronicities that have surrounded it. Books - Host - --- Support this podcast:

Winged Cryptid Sightings – Lon Strickler – 052120

Lon Strickler details some recent sightings of mothman-type cryptids that have been reported. Books - Host - JV Johnson - --- Support this podcast:

A World of Spirits – Psychic/Medium Mark Nelson – 052020

Mark Nelson discusses his ability to communicate with the departed and help people who wish to connect with departed loved ones. Books - Host - --- Support this podcast:

Cairo – The Dog That Helped Kill Osama Bin Laden – Will Chesney –...

Will Chesney is a former NAVY SEAL and a canine handler for SEAL TEAM missions. He and his dog, Cairo, were part of the raid that resulted in the...

A Most Amazing Near-Death Experience – David Ditchfield – 051820

David Ditchfield's accident and resulting near-death experience are both difficult to listen to and awe-inspiring. And what happens to him after all of that is even more so. David's...

Ghosts of Fort McIntosh – Chris James – 051520

Chris James has explored paranormal locations for years and has found much to talk about in regards to Fort McIntosh. This Texas historic site has been converted to a...