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  • Reality Television star – Jason Hawes
  • Television Host
  • Co-Creator of NBC/Syfy longest running Reality show Ghost Hunters.
  • Currently in its 11th season and airing in over 120 Countries
  • NY Times Best selling Author with 6 books.

Beyond Reality Radio is the brainchild of Jason Hawes.
With over 10 years in radio and voice-over work and 25+ years in the paranormal field, Jason has vast experience and knowledge of both radio and the paranormal.
When you put those two things together you get Beyond Reality Radio! 

As a radio personality for over 30 years, and a noted paranormal writer, editor and publisher for over 10 years, JV Johnson is respected for his reporting, commenting and entertaining of the paranormal community in print and broadcast. In addition, JV promotes and produces SCARE-A-CON events, and is the Publisher/Editor of TAPS ParaMagazine.


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