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All Things Paranormal (Part B) – Christian MacLeod – 052820

Paranormal Detective Christian MacLeod relates his many paranormal experiences and ideas. This interview is divided into 2 podcasts - this is part B. --- Support...

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Lucid Dreaming – Dr. Clare Johnson – BRR CLASSIC

Dr. Clare Johnson discusses lucid dreaming & its implications to our subconscious & our daily lives. Hosted by JV Johnson & Jason Hawes, this...

What Do Your Dreams Mean? – Cindy McGill – 121919

JV Johnson talks to Master Dream Interpreter Cindy McGill about the meaning of dreams & her work in interpreting them. Her book - What...

The Bigfoot/Alien Connection – Ronald Meyer – 111419

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Author & Film Maker Ronald Meyer about his work in determining the true nature of Bigfoot -...

History Behind the Haunt – Ashmore Estates – 021920

Robbin Terry, owner of Ashmore Estates, discusses the history of the facility - from a simple county poor farm, to the larger institution that...

Haunted Theaters – Alex Matsuo – 112819

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson feature guest host Bruce Markusen who talks to Paranormal Researcher Alex Matsuo about ghost hunting & some notoriously haunted...

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