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Alien Contactee & Experiencer – Ronny Dawson – 022520

Ronny Dawson discusses his sightings, contact & experiences with alien creatures at his home in Texas. Host - JV Johnson --- Support this podcast:

Random Past Shows

UFOs & the Ageless Wisdom – Gerard Aartsen – 080719

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author & Researcher Gerard Aartsen about the intention of alien visitors. Gerard discusses their true nature, &...

American Archaeological Secrets – Scott Wolter – BRR CLASSIC

What secrets lie buried throughout North America that will rewrite the history books? Visit - --- Support this podcast:

The Sharon Tate Murder 50 Years Later – Jacy Nova – 080919

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to podcast host Jacy Nova about her research into the murder of Sharon Tate, her unborn baby &...

Conspiracy Documentaries & New Ideas in Flat Earth Discussion – Dylan Avery & Lee...

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome 2 guests. First, Dylan Avery talks about his documentary film work that looks at subjects like 9/11 conspiracy...

Alien Abduction – Jeremy Finley – 092019

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Investigative Reporter & Author Jeremy Finley about his recent books that are inspired by alien abductions &...

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